Getting your Injectors serviced with Injector Pulse is easy! Simply fill out the service form and ship the injectors to us and we’ll take care of the rest.

Ordering Instructions

Please fill out our Form and enclose the form with your injectors.  If you do not have a printer please just include your contact information on a piece of paper (name, email & phone number) and then ship to us.  We will contact you for anything else needed

Download Form (then right click to “save link as”, complete and return to us)

Shipping Instructions

To ensure proper replacement of o-rings, spacers, etc. it is ideal to leave them on the injectors since we will return the old ones back to you. If you have already removed them, that’s ok but occasionally we receive custom applications and like to be 100% positive on the match. Please only send the injectors; we do not service the fuel rails or need any of the hardware you use for installation of the injector.

Make sure each injector is dry and place them in individual sealed plastic bags. Placing them in plastic bags will prevent gasoline vapors from emitting from your package and will ensure no delays on your package arriving to us. Please also protect the injectors inside the packaging as sometimes shipping services are rough on parcel and injectors can be easily damaged.

Note: We process all credit cards through PayPal, but it is not necessary to have a PayPal account to order from us. When you click “Checkout with PayPal” it will direct you to another screen, simply select “Don’t have Paypal account”


Flat rate for standard gasoline injectors: $20.00 per injector

Flat rate for standard gasoline injectors – side feed: $25.00 per injector

GDI injectors: $30.00 per injector

High Priority (same or next day): $40.00 per injector

Premium service (adding video of your injectors in operation) $20.00

Flow test only (top feed): $10.00

GDI Flow test only (top feed): $15.00

Shipping Insurance: $1.50 for every $100 shipped Adjust the quantity to a max of 5 for coverage above $100.