Step 1

Visual Inspection

Injectors are first visually inspected for any cracks, missing or broken pieces. Please package injectors carefully! Here is an example of an improperly shipped injector.

Step 2

Body Cleaning

The next step is to clean the outside body of the injector. Plastic bodied injectors are run through a light parts cleaner and then brushed off of excess grime. For aluminum bodied injectors, after cleaning they are media blasted to clean the bodies.

Step 3

Electrical Testing

Following the external cleaning, the injectors are move on to an electrical test. This test verifies the resistance of the internal coil. Proper results as a standard are generally within 10% of each other.

Step 4

Leak Testing

Following the electrical test, leak down tests on the injectors are performed. The injectors are tested at 10/50 and 100psi. This high pressure test will immediately detect any possible leaks from the pintle caps or from the housing of the injector itself.

Step 5

Spray Pattern inspection and flow volume measurement

After leak down testing, the injectors are tested for spray pattern. Proper spray pattern is crucial to effective combustion chamber efficiency.

Step 6

Removal of replacement parts

At this point in the process injectors are stripped of any o-rings, seals, and filters that can be replaced.

Step 7

Ultrasonic Bathing

This step in the cleaning process consists of two individual heated, ultrasonic cleaning baths. Each bath has a unique cleaning agent that serves a specific cleaning purpose. During the baths, injectors are pulsed to ensure complete cleaning throughout. Finally the injectors are backflushed to remove any remaining contamination which may have been left inside.

Step 8

Flow Pattern Inspection and flow volume measurement

After the ultrasonic cleaning has been completed, the flow pattern of each injector is inspected again to ensure all flow rates are within ideal flow system balance specifications. If the injectors are not within the ideal system balance, they are re-run through the cleaning steps until they pass.

Step 9


After each injector passes this final inspection, all seals, grommets, and filters are replaced according to individual manufacturer specifications.

Step 10

return packaging

Once all tests, inspections, cleaning and reassembly are completed, each injector is carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and a foam pouch for safe return shipping.