Injector Pulse is proud of the excellent service we provide–and our customer testimonials say it all.


Injector Pulse was professional and timely in the return of my fuel injectors. They provided us with excellent service and I would definitely recommend Injector Pulse to anyone

All Aspects Motorsports

Chesapeake, Virginia, USA

Thanks for your excellent services. Great bang for the buck, considering how much some places charge for an induction cleaning, which will never let you know the actual health of your injectors.

David O.

Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Injector Pulse service made a huge difference in the way the car runs. Would definitely do business with again.

J. Finch

Great service and quick turnaround.


Our injector business goes through Injector Pulse and do not install injectors without them being inspected and tested by them. Great turn-around and very reliable.
Rossini Racing

Helped me out when I needed them. I’d always refer people to them.

V. Conte